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Last update - October 12, 2006

Greetings all! It's been a while since a Jazzopety event (October 2004 to be exact). As you may or may not know, I started Jazzopetry with my partner Erica Williamson in 2001 knowing full well that her time would be limited, as she was pursuing other interests. After her departure, I kept on doing events. Now it is my turn to go. I'll be relocating to New York City soon to get this music business thing rolling along. I will eventually pursue Jazzopetry again, but for now I have redone the web site for your enjoyment! Thank you to ALL (mentioned or not) that have ever done anything for Jazzopetry!

Some points of interest:

  • new Thank you section
  • implemented 'm3u' playlist files so you can stream audio files in your own mp3 player rather than in your browser.
  • release of the Unofficial Jazzopetry Demo

In other news, there seems to be some confusion about the origins of Jazzopetry. I have, on more than a few occasions, been asked who started Jazzopetry (once or twice been told who started Jazzopetry). I feel that this is a misguided question because the pursuit of the answer to this question overshadows part of the mission of Jazzopetry. Jazzopetry is meant to challenge people to think differently and to open our minds up to something greater than ourselves. I feel that creating debates over who started Jazzopetry is irrelevant to anything and only serves to polarize people. Jazzopetry was meant to be a community event that brings people together. The real point is that two people (Erica & myself) came together to accomplish a task that we both felt was important and that had something to offer to our community. I humbly request that this be the legacy of Jazzopetry because I know that we accomplished that task, however big or small. Thank you and Peace!

Clif Jackson, co-founder

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