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spokken -- 2006-06-19 :: 6:31 EST


LOCATION: hamilton - canada

ENTRY: I have taken spoken word to a higer level.Somting that MUST be heard.Contact Richard-Aundrae to hear poetry's poster boy SPOKKEN at 905 538 0316

Roslyn Jackson Godwin -- 2005-08-05 :: 11:52 EST

COMPANY: Oklahoma Christian University

LOCATION: Edmond Oklahoma - United States

ENTRY: To my brother produce, writer, and inventor keep up the good work and good luck in New York Love Big SiS

Laureen as Untitled -- 2004-12-09 :: 15:14 EST


LOCATION: Buffalo - Erie

ENTRY: keep up the good work I will soon visit one of your open mics.....

Cap'n Thunderpants -- 2004-03-04 :: 11:52 EST

COMPANY: Analpudding

LOCATION: Buttflow - Ummmmerica.

ENTRY: there is a time for thinking and there is a time for doing. what time is it?

LaGuan Rodgers -- 2004-01-26 :: 02:50 EST

COMPANY: CommonWealth


ENTRY: What up, Clif. Just givin' you a quick whisper. You know I'm a fan of anything where true talent and great minds can be expressed. Keep on goin'. CW4ever...

lmcclease -- 2004-01-26 :: 01:15 EST

COMPANY: alabama slamma

LOCATION: buffalo - usa

ENTRY: i love the poetry scene in buffalo...it makes the cold weather a little easier to bear...

Dyanne -- 2003-12-27 :: 12:38 EST

COMPANY: cdbaby.com/dyanne

LOCATION: Georgia -

ENTRY: I am so glad to sign your guestbook and hope to meet you all in the future. I am a jazz singer/writer..Keep up the good works.

Aaron -- 2003-12-14 :: 08:44 EST

COMPANY: Revealed Concepts

LOCATION: Buffalo NY -

ENTRY: We custom write poetry for you! You pick the topic, we garuntee we'll rock it!

Count Coolout -- 2003-12-11 :: 11:23 EST

COMPANY: JaThom Records

LOCATION: New York -

ENTRY: Check out my free 24 hour free download event on december 24 on the Count Coolout band page at soundclick.com

biggreesedogg -- 2003-11-29 :: 02:16 EST

COMPANY: debtor pimp

LOCATION: lancaster -

ENTRY: to my favorite cousin your site is dope peace love happiness 4-ever.

David E. Collins/ Day- Dream -- 2003-10-18 :: 04:10 EST


LOCATION: Buffalo, New York -

ENTRY: Please contact me asap and let me know. @ apigeonsdream@yahoo.com

David E. Collins/ Day- Dream) -- 2003-09-30 :: 11:01 EST


LOCATION: Buffalo, New York -

ENTRY: Pigeon toe entertainment presents... inside the afro Open MIC (every Saturday) 6:30pm- 9:00pm 5 cover 11.5 East Utica st corner of Main st Buffalo, New York Hosted by Day Dream Productions

kirby -- 2003-09-12 :: 09:54 EST


LOCATION: Buffalo, NY -

ENTRY: good website, perfect for filling down-time at work!

bill -- 2003-08-05 :: 10:42 EST


LOCATION: buffalo -

ENTRY: i'm sorry, that's clif with 1 f! keep in touch!

Bill -- 2003-07-26 :: 09:07 EST


LOCATION: Buffalo -

ENTRY: Cliff, the site looks great!!

Joel David Lesses -- 2003-07-02 :: 01:31 EST

COMPANY: Isaac Consulting

LOCATION: Allentown Buffalo New York USA -

ENTRY: I would like to recite some poetry for Cafe 59.

Miko Holt-Morgan -- 2003-06-28 :: 10:02 EST

COMPANY: Just Best Entertainment

LOCATION: Buffalo -

ENTRY: I would like to do the spoken word! Language is power...

Maren Robinson -- 2003-06-22 :: 09:08 EST


LOCATION: Lockport -

ENTRY: I am a poet who would love to get started in the "business" and be able to reach the point where I can perform at Open-mic performances. Please contact me.

James Jacka -- 2003-06-15 :: 12:32 EST


LOCATION: Buffalo, NY, US -

ENTRY: Unfortunately, I just found out about this. Very cool.

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